I am a girl trying to let people know it is okay to be a mess sometimes. I am pretty cool, if I do say so myself. If you ask my friends they will say that I am a goofy goober, or lame, either or is fine. It may say Destiny Daily, but what I really mean is a few days in a row, and sometimes on the weekend. For sure on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

I am a mess. Nothing in my life is as perfect as I make it seem. I can’t go into a pet store and look at the animals they have there or else I will start crying because I want to take them home with me. I am a very emotional person now that I think about it. Although I am emotional, I am extremely wary of those around me. Ironic don’t ya think? My life is a walking irony.

I am trying to lose weight, and I keep slipping up and falling back into my old habits. Let me tell you something though. Losing weight is HARD!! If you’re struggling with this too, then let me know, so we can struggle together. We can back each other up!!

Anyway my friend, I hope all is well. Have a great one.

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