Is Anyone There?

Hi friends! Well if there’s anyone out there. Have you had those days where you feel completely down? You just feel like no matter what you’re doing it has no effect on anyone or anything.

Well have you?

I feel your pain friend! It’s tough when you feel like that. It feels like everything is against you. In that moment it is so easy to beat yourself up, and fall apart. It’s easy to pick at every little thing, and eventually it breaks you down.

You know what isn’t easy though? It is not easy to pick yourself up again. It’s not easy to tell yourself it’s going to be okay. Because guess what. It will be okay. I’m currently having one of those days where I question if what I’m doing makes any difference. I genuinely don’t know. The only thing keeping me going right now is hoping I make a change in someone’s life. Writing for all of you, or none of you, makes me happy. Knowing I am contributing good to the world makes me feel better at night.

So keep on doing that thing you’re doing! This was just a short post, but it was well needed. I’ve also started on a journey to help me get healthy. I’ll tell you about that soon!!

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