Big Decisions

Hi friends! I recently decided to lose weight. I am not losing weight because I want to look better, because honestly I am happy with how I look. I decided to lose weight to better my health. June 2017 I weighed 258 pounds, and I am 5’6″. I did not know how unhealthy it was until I weighed myself the other day, I currently weight 233. I lost 25 pounds in a year. During that year, I was not attempting to lose any of the weight.

If in that year I had made an actual effort to lose weight, I can only imagine how much I would have lost. I have always tried losing weight, and going on a diet, but it was only until a few weeks ago when I decided I need to do this for myself. I noticed I would get tired faster than usual, and my eating habits were out of control.

The issue at hand is, I couldn’t see the weight. I had no idea where all of this weight I was carrying actually was. I have a big chest, big thighs, wide hips, and I have some type of muscles. I just could not find the weight, and that is why I think I held off losing it for so long. What I am trying to say is, I want to get healthy! I just don’t know how. There are so many people out there giving ridiculous ways to lose weight, but at the end of the diet the people gain the weight back.

In order to lose weight and keep the weight off, I have to change my lifestyle. My eating habits are going to need to do a complete turn around. No more chips, no more fried foods (for the most part), a lot less junk, and finally everything needs to be in moderation. I am an emotional eater. I eat for every occasion. I will find an excuse to eat. Honestly I don’t know how to deal with stress.

I am writing this because I want to let anyone know who is going through the same thing, that it is going to be okay. I know food makes me feel better. I know that it feels like I can’t go a day without chips, or fast food. There have been times where I would eat to where my stomach would hurt. Writing all of this down now makes me realize how unhealthy it was. I am trying to better myself. I am on a journey to becoming healthy and I want you to join me! I am not saying like get healthy with me, only if you want. I am saying I want you along the way, to be my shotgun rider. Help me stay on this road.

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