Y'all. . . life ever just shove your face in the dirt? If you said no then you're one lucky banana. When this happens what do you do? Do you keep on trucking? Do you wallow in self pity? Tell me! I want to know. Talk to me y'all. I will tell you what I... Continue Reading →

Be You

Be yourself. Why go day to day constantly worrying what others think of you? Chances are you will never see those people again. I always care about what people think about me. I am in constant fear of being judged. It got to the point to where I would tell the people I was with... Continue Reading →

Big Decisions

Hi friends! I recently decided to lose weight. I am not losing weight because I want to look better, because honestly I am happy with how I look. I decided to lose weight to better my health. June 2017 I weighed 258 pounds, and I am 5'6". I did not know how unhealthy it was... Continue Reading →

Is Anyone There?

Hi friends! Well if there's anyone out there. Have you had those days where you feel completely down? You just feel like no matter what you're doing it has no effect on anyone or anything. Well have you? I feel your pain friend! It's tough when you feel like that. It feels like everything is... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk

Hey y'all! It's Destiny, the past week has been so stressful that I don't even know where to start. It seems as though lately my life has been filled with stress, and I have to find a way that will truly help me and my well-being. Monday Monday lived up to the hype of Monday.... Continue Reading →

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