Y'all. . . life ever just shove your face in the dirt? If you said no then you're one lucky banana. When this happens what do you do? Do you keep on trucking? Do you wallow in self pity? Tell me! I want to know. Talk to me y'all. I will tell you what I... Continue Reading →


Does anyone have younger siblings? Have you started to realize that your parents are using completely different methods to raising them than they used on you? Me too. You're also probably wondering why I am in a trunk. Just keep reading. Hi, my name is Destiny and welcome to my life. Over the years I... Continue Reading →

Clean House!

It's spring, so that means Spring Cleaning!!!! Can you hear my excitement? I am a weird person, I love cleaning, but I also despise it. I prefer grand cleaning versus micro cleaning. Let me tell you why. I prefer there be a huge difference versus there be a barely noticeable change in said room(s). Here... Continue Reading →


Procrastination. We have all done it. Some of us more than others. I know for a fact that I have done it, and it has actually become a bad habit of mine. Why do we procrastinate? I know I do it because I'm wired weird and work best under stressful situations; I have my mom... Continue Reading →

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